Z  ogromną satysfakcją  informujemy, że w podczas Kongresu EBCOG- Bergen 2020, odbywającego sie  w dniach 14-16.05.2020, Polskie Towarzystwo Ginekologów i Położników, otrzymało zaproszenie do organizacji Sesji Naukowej:


"National meeting of Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians"


1. Miroslaw Wielgos (PL) - Intrauterine MMC repair.

Medical University of Warsaw

2. Mariusz Zimmer  (PL) - Management of the cesarean scar in the non-pregnant uterus.

Medical University of Wroclaw

3. Piotr Sieroszewski (PL) - Cesarean scar pregnancy - minimal invasive management. Medical University od Lodz

4. Wojciech Rokita (PL) - Hybrid operating room in the management of the cervical pregnancy and MAP.

Medical Faculty of the UJKUniversity in Kielce


The Council sees the points of ladies in prescription and the preparation of doctors to think about ladies as a significant piece of its work plan. Contemplations of ladies in the doctor workforce are straightforwardly identified with the Council's charge to audit the supply and appropriation of doctors m light of human services needs. The human services, sociology, and instructive fields are ending up more receptive to the boundaries to and the effect of expanding quantities of female doctors and their significant jobs in therapeutic training and wellbeing conveyance. People in general and policymakers are progressively keen on understanding the novel wellbeing and social insurance needs of ladies and how doctors can be better taught to think about ladies, they continue reading this report that was written with the help of writing service. In its job of informing the Department with respect to Health and Human Services Secretary and Congress on therapeutic instruction and graduate medicinal training, COGME accepts the zones shrouded in this report may fill in as significant indicators of the framework's responsiveness to cultural needs. These improvements mirror a call for change in the training of doctors who care for ladies. Therapeutic instructors, specialists, and professionals are being tested to rethink educational programs, investigate motivation, and skills concerning the wellbeing of ladies. The call for change has been provoked by the observation that the medicinal services needs of ladies are not being met by the present social insurance conveyance and therapeutic training frameworks. The issues stretch out past the present national discussion over the rebuilding and renegotiating of human services. They concern fundamental institutional statutes that have guided the lead of medicinal research, training, and practice, just as cultural predispositions that have affected the wellbeing of ladies and different populaces in the public eye today.


Zapraszamy wszystkich uczestników Kongresu EBCOG- Bergen 2020 do uczestnictwa w Polskiej Sesji!



1.EARLY BIRD -30th of January

2.REGULAR - 31st of Jan. – 13th of May

3.ON SITE - 14th-16th of May